Having Fun at Alam Mayang Recreation Park

Having a ball along with the participants of Youth Exchange Program 2011 was so great. Actually, we made a day of it. After finishing the quarantine as a part of the selection, we the committee gave an A for their effort and provided recreation for them to be able to breathe easily again. The game started in the morning by dividing the groups into two parts through a simple game, trying to find their mates by screaming like a train and bajaj. You can say that was easy but their eyes were covered by something. So, a little bit difficult for them to find their fellas. Starting from this game, we have gotten two groups for competing each other on the other games.

The two groups were trying to be a winner through acting high-and-mighty. Led by Kak Alfa Nonie, we started the second games called Small Words. The committee provided a big size paper of newspaper for the participants and they should be able to stand on the paper together by using any ways. When they were able to do this game with their eyes closed, Kak Nonie asked them to fold the paper and did the same thing as before. Moreover, they should fold the paper twice and stand on it.

The other games that we played at the time were Stand up Together and Aboriginal Words. From these games we learned that we couldn’t do any jobs or activities without working together with other people and only by having the same idea and power could we able to win the day. And Aboriginal Words taught us to be more confident and dare to be more than who you are. In the other words, they should be Banci Tampil by screaming and setting their ugliest face. :p From this point, I knew that they were able to take a joke.

After playing and discussing for a while, an instructor from Bandung told us about his notion on SBY-JK + C which stands for Semangat (Spirit), Berani (Dare), Yakin (Confident), Jujur (Honest), Kreatif (Creative) and Cepat (Fast). He could transfer the positive spirit to all of us about those things, including having a dream to empower your life. Then, the all of participants had a chance to tell us about their own dream, idol and the quotation. Many of them could do it well, maybe better than the members of PCMI. J And after having the idea about their dreams, they should say thanks to Allah all the time because it is believed that if we do that, the success will get closer to us on the shorter time. Also, we were talking about the love and pray of the parents as a foundation to get success. The last but not the least, success could be reached by giving money or something to others who need it. That’s wonderful motivation from him created a belief on my heart about my ability of getting success in the short time if I could set my heart and mind on my dream clearly because there is no such a pipe dream.

Yeah, we continued our fascinating games; playing flying fox, marbles and finding their own shoes. For the last game, the game was about an egg. By using straw and scissors, the participants were working together trying to set a shield outside of the egg to make it proved on shaking and falling down from 2/3 meters in height. Many things we the alumnae of program could learn from the participants and vice versa. After all, I just wanna say the outbound was fantastic and we had a ball. On my conclusion, 15 of them have a good head on their shoulders and have a lot of promise for the brighter future of Riau Province and Indonesia.

What an awesome day, I’m all in.. 🙂

Lots of Love,

Andrio, Alumnae of Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program 2010/2011

Representative of Riau Province.

PS: U could share ur opinion, the things that u’ve learnt and ur suggestions and comments to anything that we have done together for this whole week guys. 🙂 Saranghae..

Proudly to Say that “We are PCMI”
It’s all about FUN

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