Finding the “Deserve” Youths for Youth Exchange Program Overseas

Working together with Youth and Sport Office of Riau Province (DISPORA RIAU), the alumnae of youth exchange program, also known as Purna Caraka Muda Indonesia Riau Province, organized a selection for choosing the youths who would get the chances to join the program visiting five countries: Australia, Canada, Japan, Malaysia and China. Many youths of Riau confidently registered themselves hoping to get the chance learning more about the other countries and introducing the cultures of Indonesia in overseas. They had to take the form from the office and give it back to us along with the requirements to join the selection. When I saw their curriculum vitae and essay, I realized that most of them are as sharp as a tack.

In a bid to find the youths, we held the selection that has been lasted for 3 days in a row, 24th – 26th March 2011 at Regional Library of Riau Province after talked things over. Having registered themselves, 124 participants took part on the first day of psycho test and written English. They should be able to pass the earlier test to continue their struggle to the second day of selection because there were only 50 youths chosen for the next test. Yeah, they have to face it. Such is life! It was a struggle to the death because only 5 seats provided for them. For the next day, they took the speech and interview test. Definitely, the tests were in English as we wanted to see their capability in speaking English and making some arguments on their personalities, including their motivations joining this program.

On the last day, only 30 young people could hang in there after beating their competitors. They should keep their chin up because this was the last day for the selection before quarantine for three days. It was the time for them to show their abilities off in performing cultural performance such as dancing, singing, reading poem, playing musical instruments and so on. They did it well, if I could say, that was better than my cultural performance last year. 🙂 Some of them could dance well, I’ll say.

After the 3 tiring days, we had gotten 15 participants for joining the quarantine at Akasia Hotel, Sudirman Street for four days. Choosing them is not an easy thing; it is easier said than done guys because we should consider every facet of them. We considered not only their capability in speaking English but also their personalities and characteristics. The latter things were so difficult to define the benchmark but the alumnae of the youth exchange programs could know them through psychology and interview test. We eagerly wanted to find the “deserve” youths for the programs. The ones who want to learn more from the destination country wholeheartedly and give such a big contribution for Indonesia after finishing the program especially Riau Province (read: living in Riau for a certain time) will be chosen for this program. 🙂

Lots of Love,

Andrio, Alumnae of Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program 2010/2011

Representative of Riau Province.

Gathering After the Stressful Day

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