Unforgettable Memories on Quarantine of Youth Exchange Selection

The title is so ubiquitous for us since many people use it to show their feeling about something good happened in their life. But for me, the title means everything. It reminds me to my extremely wonderful memories in Jakarta, Australia and Wakatobi when I was still in the program. Seeing many talented and smart youths in quarantine, made me believed that this year quarantine would be better than the years before. The quarantine lasted for four days, 28th – 31st March 2011 at Akasia Hotel organized by the PCMI supported by DISPORA RIAU.

On the first day, only 14 participants were present at the hotel since one of them was not able to be there because of the seminar of her thesis for Bachelor Degree. I really appreciated her choice. 🙂 At quarantine, all of participants would know more about the programs and have more chances to show their capabilities off to the best through presentation, discussion, cultural performance, and city exploration. They got trainings from the alumnae as well to enrich and broaden their knowledge in exploring their strength e.g. leadership, motivation and team building.

They had to make their own mind mapping of dreams and gave presentation to us about that. Of course, they had set high goals for their life, trying to think big such as completing pilgrimage to Mecca, continuing their study overseas, getting married, being an important people, having their own office or course, and so on. And honestly, I really like the part of having an orphanage or free-of-fee school for poor people. By writing their dreams on a big size paper, I guess they have their heart set on it.

After finishing the schedule in the class, the committee set up a special day for courtesy call to the Consulate of Malaysia, Cultural and Tourism Office of Riau Province and the Agency of Malay Culture. The participants were so happy to get off of the hotel room meeting because they spent almost all day in that room listening to the speeches and discussions. :p During the courtesy call, they had opportunities to ask many things from the board. On the same day, in the afternoon, the participants performed their cultural performance that had been practiced for two days by staying up all night. They were really gung ho and made a go of it. Actually, they did it so well. Hahah,, remind me to that song, SM*SH. Many people watched us enthusiastically and paid them a compliment for the show. Honestly, their performance hit us right between the eyes. We started and finished the show by praying to God and saying thanks for the success. And we did transferring the positive energy to the other participants believing that we would present the best performance for the spectators. On the bus during the way to get to the hotel, they were so glad and sang some songs to entertain themselves. Or in the other words, they are appreciating their effort after practicing so hard for two days.

Back to the hotel…

Nina Wong Aha Aha,,,

Zip Zap Zoom,,,

Introduction,,, Let’s Play the Game

Those are the words represented our happiness, esp. mine, at the last night together at the hotel. I saw them so excited to get involved in the games. The games that we, AIYEPers, are used to doing when having spare time during the AIYEP program were so amazing to keep them stay up late till 3 am. I love those games because I do love my friends in AIYEP. Having fun with the participants made me smile gently to see their smile. Let’s say Nina Wong Aha Aha,, hahah,, Gud nite guys. Or I can say it nicely in Bahasa, Met Bobok. :p

PS: Thanks for your essay which made an impression on me to think more about what I should do for the rest of my life, not only for me but also for the others. I’m so proud to be the one who could read your fabulous essay which is written for the selection of PPAN. 🙂


Posing After Playing

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