Our First Flight to Aussie


The time was coming and we were on our way to the international airport of Indonesia, Soekarno-Hatta, to catch the Qantas Airways from Jakarta to Sydney. This was our first time to fly to Julia Gillard’s country and we felt anxious about the all procedure that we had to face to get to Sydney Airport. But as long as we were all always together, know our way around and keep our feet on the ground, I was sure that everything would gonna be okay.

Our senior had told us about the ABCs of procedure which we would face before and during the journey such as passport, ticket, fiscal, visa and quarantine matters till we knew it by heart. I hold the all of the documents which belonging to the all of my friends and I thougt that was such a big responsibility. When we were on the airport, alumnae of AIYEP accompanied us to give help on how to pass the procedure till we got to the plane. From ticketing to fiscal, they gave so much help for us. And start from the gate for visa matter, we had to take care our own self. All the things.

Thanks God so long as everything was okay at the time. We AIYEPers 2010 could pass the all procedure to the last phase before catching the plane. But, something bad happened because of my fault. When I passed the x-ray machine, I put my hands up which holding up my passport. And then, I didn’t realize that I gave the green book to one of my friend. I thought that I had lost my passport and I was so confuse of what I should do. In the end of the drama, Eric gave me my passport because I had given it to him after I passed the x-ray machine. And we could pass the last phase and get to the plane, Qantas (read: Quantas), on October 22nd 2010, at 19.15 WIB.

QF 42 gave us a convenience that we needed during the 12-hours-journey especially food for Indonesian taste. And also we had a screen for watching videos and listening to the music on the back of the seat in front of us. We felt on top of the world on the plane because all of us were here to get the once-in-a-lifetime chance for living and learning about everything in Australia.

Twelve hours flew by like a whirl wind. We finally got off the plane and went to collect our bags. And we were so surprised because somebody had waited for us from Qantas, her name is Ms. Liz. She guided us through the all of the complicated and long process on the airport. But, we got a little accident because my friend, Eric, couldn`t pass the x-ray machine. There was something wrong with his luggage and the officer asked him to open the bag to see the things inside. In fact, Eric brought a sharp Javanesse dagger, Keris, for his traditional dance. After we had given a confirmation about Keris, which made up of iron, we could pass the situation well. It was also because of Liz’s help. We really appreciated her help till we could meet Deane and by all accounts, we wanna say, thanks Liz.

The next flight was from Sydney to Brisbane and we were so excited because in thirty minutes we would be able to live in the city that we had been wanted to see it directly for the last six months. Many things happened on plane but the special one was our conversation with a stewardess who had studied in Indonesia and she could speak Indonesian. We loved it. Anyway, on our way went straight outside the plane, we met Adam and he showed us the way to collect our luggage. Over and over again, we had a problem at airport. Ferdy lost his luggage and we had to wait for a couple of minutes to decide what we should do to cope with the problem. Our coordinator asked us to go to the bus which would pick us up to YHA hostel and he would try to find Ferdy’s luggage. Fortunately, Adam could find the luggage. After all is said and done, we arrived in Brisbane city all in one piece. One final thing, we hoped that our first step in this city would be a great start for two months living in Brisbane, Noosa and Roma.

Three words for this city: Piazza, Passion, and Precious


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