Work Placement, Whoa Precious: Brisbane City Council


International relations is my background of education and I do hope that I could get the work placement experience in Brisbane which would give me more knowledge about it. And thanks God, I got International Relations Unit, Brisbane City Council (BCC), Queensland as my work placement for three days because being a civil servant is one of my dream when I was studying in Indonesia and I wanna learn how to be a good civil servant who dedicated to their people in this office.

Before going to the office, I was barking up the wrong tree. I thought the situation of BCC would be the same with the situation of civil servant’s office in Indonesia but it wasn’t. I liked the situation and condition of this office.

The first thing which made me fall in love with this kind of job is the motto of Brisbane City Council: We made up of people who dedicated to a better Brisbane. Wow, I like that motto so much and they positioned their job as a servant to the people. They made a serious effort to make Brisbane became a better and an international city.

They are so professional because the first time I came there, they gave me a list of what should I do for three weeks and the target about Asia Pacific Cities Summit. They encouraged me to involve in their projects and it made me so happy because of their responses to my existing as an apprentice in their office.

For the next days, I was dying for getting to the office to meet them and sharing about what I have done the days before. And also, they asked me to share everything about Indonesia, especially about the culture of Indonesian.

Eventhough I was new to the game, my supervisor and all my friends in the office helped me so much to understand about everything that I should do to complete my job. I did love them because of their hospitality to the new person who wanted to learn more from them. But I had to bite on the bullet when they asked me about the political problem and corruption in Indonesia. Because I was used to calling a spade a spade, I had to share every information that I know about it though I didn’t like it. And also they shared about Brisbane’s problem such as traffic jam and homeless. It was very nice to share every single thing with them including political, economy, social and cultural aspect both of Indonesian and Australian.

At the office, I did a presentation about Indonesia to the all of the Lord Mayor Administration Office’s staff to clear the air. Based on this presentation, I could change their tune about Indonesia, especially Indonesian culture and tourism spot in Indonesia. In the end of the program, I could deliver the goods based on their need, I got so much knowledge about how to build a good relationship with the people from the other country and so many more. I felt so lucky of getting this chance even though only for three weeks and I told to myself that I should be a person who dedicate himself to his city and country in an effort of making it be better for life.


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