Teaching SHS student, why not?

Surprisingly, I got a call from ma supervisor who asked me to teach senior high school student in one of Senior High Schools in Pekanbaru because it’s ma first time to face them. Many things went on ma head, thinking about the effective way to get their eyes on me trying hard explaining the lesson but I got ma self lean and mean.

Finally, I was here, seeing the teenagers talking each other. Then, I went to the class with accompanied by ma fellas. At the outset, I was trying to have them quiet by saying the words a little bit loud, but no responses. They were acting out in the classroom.  I decided to shut ma mouth, had a seat and set ma eyes to the book for 1 or 2 minutes, the way that I learnt from a fren of mine to make student quiet without being angry and using the language that would fry bacon. I believe that by doing the latter, it’s just like adding an insult to injury. Yeah, it’s incredibly effective. They keep their mouths shut by themselves. Hahah,,

At the drop of a hat, I took over the class and started to introduce maself coz it’s ma first time to get in and teach them. Everything was running well for the introduction and the question that I always got from the student was about ma educational background, international relations.  And the answer is…

On this special day, I taught them how to answer the question for the structure section of TOEFL. We learnt English together. I choose to let them standing in front of the class acting as a teacher and trying to read the part of the TOEFL book while explaining it to their fren and vice versa. Just like a democracy, from them and for them by themselves. CMIIW J (a new abbreviation that I got from Kaskus). I took a stand as a teacher and an observer at the same time because only through this way would they keep their mind and concentration to learn English.

After having learnt TOEFL for almost an hour, I had an idea to show them some games to attract their attention to learn English more. While playing the games, I kept talking about the meaning of life and what they should do with their life in this time as a teenager who has a lot of idea and energy to make a change in their life, community and Indonesia. The best thing from playing a game is sharing about what they would be in the future, talking about their dream.

At the end of the day, they said “Bapak, besok datang lagi yah” J I’m so glad to hear that. The same feeling when I heard a meaningful sentence from one of an orphan whom I visited before in Panam.

May 3rd, 2011


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