Dibutuhkan Orang yang Memang Paham

Reading a lot of news in the newspaper Thursday edition makes me feel sorry for them who claimed themselves as representative of the people. Even though they could get a big amount of money to make a living and helm the coorporation as their side job, they couldn’t help themselves for steeping far away for the rampant corruption. It’s not about money indeed.. Just about their moral which need to be installed and restored (like a computer,hahah)..

For me, if one person wanna have a title as an honored person, he should watch his behave to be appropriate to get the “title”. The news about conducting corruption, committing adultery, watching porn movies, going overseas for nothing, are some of the things that worsing their credibility before public. And the hottest news is about their effort to have a new fancy building as their old building is not big enough to home them not to say the other reason yh..

They should look to the bottom, seeing to the people who can’t afford food for themselves, to the children who can’t go to school coz of school fees. The time for reses is not useful for them because they just think about getting the money, making a report and sitting on their comfort seat. A fren of mine said if they wanna have an understanding comprehensively about how to be a good lawmaker, they should have a special time living with the people. Seeing the problem for the ordinary’s people eye will help them to know the problem and the way to cope with it.


About Andrio

I would like to say thanks to someone who have asked me to write everything I wanna read in this blog. Honestly, I am not an expert on writing but I’ll try to do my best in providing any information that you wanna get from here. I wrote any articles on this simply blog based on my experience and my point of view about everything happened in my life. And I’m trying to translate some news from Indonesia to English and vice versa in a purpose to improve my knowledge in writing English. I hope that the small thing I have done could help some of you guys in a positive way especially gaining more info and knowledge. Currently, I am trying to read many books and articles to provide information for the readers. I’ll give my best shot.. View all posts by Andrio

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