Ma Lovely Eatery: Ampera Mona

Ma job as a freelance English teacher n translator is really fun and full of joy when I know that they could understand on what I’ve taught to them.. yeah that’s ma lovely job. But in this post, I would like to let u know a little bit about an unique eatery located nearby the fancy library, Soeman HS.

In fact, it’s located in Jalan Pepaya. A lot of people flock this place every lunch time and dinner coz the location is so strategic, in the heart of Pekanbaru city. Also, there’s a mosque and Qur’anic educational school. And definitely, there’s a big parking park for the customer as the consequence. From this eatery, you can go to some government offices by foot in a few minutes. No need to worry about the traffic because it’s not located on the main street.

Now, I’m gonna talk to u the condition and why I love to have lunch in Ampera Mona, well known as Seven Thousand Ampera coz that’s the price for a dish. It’s cheap, isn’t it?
The all of the employees, the servants, are screaming each other to ask for a help from their partner e.g. asking for more rice or ice tea. For the ones who is not used to come here, they’d think that they’re not polite. Even they’re shouting before u mate. But that’s their way to work, unique thing for me coz two of them are among them and their voices are even louder than the male instead. That’s their habit actually as so many customers that should be served. That’s the effective way to give an order to another employee to break the hurdle to communicate. 🙂 honestly to say, that’s only happen at lunch time. You wouldn’t see this kind of condition in the evening.

Why do I love it? Yeah.. bcoz a lot of people flocked here and I’m so glad when hear their shouting and chanting to do their job well and fast. It’s also because of the location which is very close to ma office, only 3 minutes actually. And the best thing is all of them, the owner and the employee, speak Minang as I come from Minang as well. Feels like having lunch in West Sumatera, in ma imagination. The last but not the least, the taste of their food is good enough for me.. u should come here then buddy.. 🙂


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I would like to say thanks to someone who have asked me to write everything I wanna read in this blog. Honestly, I am not an expert on writing but I’ll try to do my best in providing any information that you wanna get from here. I wrote any articles on this simply blog based on my experience and my point of view about everything happened in my life. And I’m trying to translate some news from Indonesia to English and vice versa in a purpose to improve my knowledge in writing English. I hope that the small thing I have done could help some of you guys in a positive way especially gaining more info and knowledge. Currently, I am trying to read many books and articles to provide information for the readers. I’ll give my best shot.. View all posts by Andrio

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