Writing in English in Your Blog.. Why not? Part 1

When I asked ma students about which part of English skills that so difficult to understand and practice, almost all of them or 99% in percentage said Writing Skills. Really difficult to do since a lot of skills that you will need before doing it, not to say about tenses or grammar. That’s why writing is not an easy thing to do. You will need vocabularies and when you get them, you have to arrange them in a good structure to make easy for the people to get the idea. Yeah, let other people know about what what we wanna say. That’s the reason of why you write an essay,right? Eventhough that’s a little bit “difficult” and we will need some understanding and methods to cope with it.

Let’s start from three basic things that we will need to make a good writing. The first one, we construct our main idea or topic about the things that we wanna write. A topic would help us to develop our idea and we’d have a framework to keep us on our way. For the readers, it helps them to understand our essay on the first time they look on it. Remember, the topic sentence is usually located on the first sentence of each paragraph. And make sure that each main idea of the paragraphs should be related to the topic.

Secondly, we should understand on how to make a well-structured paragraph. To make a paragraph, the writer have to develop the topic sentence which is located on the first part in any paragraph. There must be at least three sentences supporting our main idea. So, the other sentences after the main sentence should be in accordance to the topic e.g. providing some data and examples.

The third, be aware about the component of an essay. An essay consists of some paragraphs. At least three paragraphs which will include introduction, body and conclusion in it. The introduction is all about our topic, not basa basi like what we always do in writing in Bahasa. No offense yh coz that’s for me. Hahah…

But writing is still difficult for some of us. Do u have any idea about the main cause?


About Andrio

I would like to say thanks to someone who have asked me to write everything I wanna read in this blog. Honestly, I am not an expert on writing but I’ll try to do my best in providing any information that you wanna get from here. I wrote any articles on this simply blog based on my experience and my point of view about everything happened in my life. And I’m trying to translate some news from Indonesia to English and vice versa in a purpose to improve my knowledge in writing English. I hope that the small thing I have done could help some of you guys in a positive way especially gaining more info and knowledge. Currently, I am trying to read many books and articles to provide information for the readers. I’ll give my best shot.. View all posts by Andrio

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