Love in the Swimming Pool

I and my fren regularly hit the water for swimming every week on Friday. But today, I make it by myself since I don’t have anything to do on Monday. When I was swimming, I spotted a boy learning on how to swim led by his trainer. I will tell a story about his drilling in this post. 🙂

FYI, there are two pools in that place, one for adult and another one for kids. The boy was swimming in the latter pool but we the adults could hear th shout of the trainer asking him to move his hands and feet to swim. The boy couldn’t perform it perfectly but I knew that he has been trying his best for his parent who kept their eyes on their boy.

The time was coming for the boy to take his first attempt to swim in the adult’s pool. Waah, he’s so cute but it’s really difficult for him to do it, swimming from one side to another for 16 times. His Mom was worry on her boy’s safety but the tutor was shouting to the boy, ask him to do it better. Amid his training, he’s almost drown since he’s so tired at the time. In the end before finishing his drill, he could make it, 16 times. He’s smiling and maybe said that I could do it.

#I don’t know why I posted this story in this blog. Hahah.. I did it coz I was happy seeing the happy family. Mom and Dad allocated their time to assist his boy learning how to swim. 🙂


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