Dog Whisperer: A Show in Nat Geo

I’m really curious about this show because of its uniqueness when I saw the ads. And finally I got a chance to see it by myself. I think the show is famous in US as the people have their own dog at every house since dogs are their friend. A totally different condition compared to Indonesia.

In today stories, I spotted a show about the way to make your dogs become 100% obey your order as their master. First, you should know its problem. By knowing this, you would be able to identify the root of the problem and going to the second step. Second, trying to find the way to resolve the problem that you are facing of. It could be done by asking some advices from the expert coz you couldn’t be capable doing it just by trial and error method. In that show, the trainer told the owner of the dog to show his position as the master and not asking the dog whether she has choices or not. Just ask him to do something without any compromise. In the other words, show her that you are the one who should be followed.

On the next show, the trainer showed the audiences the case of a dog who’s going for a surgery. It became a difficult thing for the owner taking him to a clinic. Why was it so difficult? Because his master gave negative feeling toward him which affected the dog and made him to feel the same bad feeling. By smiling to the dog before the surgery is an effective way to have them cooperate with us. So, as the wise man said: do the positive thing toward the others and you would have the same thing happened to you and vice versa.. 🙂


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I would like to say thanks to someone who have asked me to write everything I wanna read in this blog. Honestly, I am not an expert on writing but I’ll try to do my best in providing any information that you wanna get from here. I wrote any articles on this simply blog based on my experience and my point of view about everything happened in my life. And I’m trying to translate some news from Indonesia to English and vice versa in a purpose to improve my knowledge in writing English. I hope that the small thing I have done could help some of you guys in a positive way especially gaining more info and knowledge. Currently, I am trying to read many books and articles to provide information for the readers. I’ll give my best shot.. View all posts by Andrio

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